12 in 24: Ship 12 Projects Challenge

As a part of https://tricities.dev/, I organize Code and Coffee and other community events. This year I'm putting together a community challenge that I'm calling "12in24." Ship 12 projects in 2024, and get a t-shirt at the end 😄.

This challenge is based on my own failure to ship projects over the years. I've had a lot of different ideas that I've never materialized. My ideas page in my bullet journal spans a few custom collections. Each idea brimming with more opportunities than the last. Nothing has ever been shipped. This year I'm hoping will be different, and I want to bring my community along with me.

Attic: The Vintage Storefront

My wife has had the idea to run an online storefront selling vintage goods for forever. I have also promised each time that it comes up that I could build something for her. Normally I'd tell her to just purchase a Shopify subscription, to put up a storefront in a minimal way but that's not how she rolls. Any amount of money is too much money, especially when her software engineer husband can build it for free!

I'll be building this storefront as my first project. I'll utilize Ruby on Rails and Solidus as my technologies to ease implementation.

The Goal

I will have her storefront launched and completely online at the end of January. I'll also try to get a logo made, cards made, and go around our local community posting these cards. Building a grassroots movement takes time, and I'll need all the time that I can get this month 😄