My Christian Faith - As a Software Engineer

My Christian Faith - As a Software Engineer
Photo by Greg Rosenke / Unsplash

I don't really know how to do this, but I felt called to so I will anyway.

I've seen a lot of negative remarks lately about Christianity online, and about having faith. I've seen others speaking out about this with testimonies about themselves and what Jesus has done for them, I'd like to add my voice to the mix.

Yes, I'm a Christian, and Christ has done such great things for me and my family. Yes I am also a software engineer, and it's hard to reconcile these two things at times.

It's not because software engineering as a career makes it hard to believe in Christ, but mainly that software engineers are usually not religious in America. I feel daily as if I have to hide my beliefs from coworkers and others, especially when political discussions can start that are all too common in the workplace.

Jesus has done amazing things for me, starting with my entry into the field. Back when I went to college, I thought I'd want to study physics. I was good at it in high school, scoring well on AP Physics Exams thinking that was all it would take to continue on and get a job in physics. My only criteria for my eventual career was wanting to "blow stuff up" working on ballistics or weapons. Thankfully I had a graduate teaching assistant pull me aside to tell me that physics is either working in a lab or teaching. Both sounded boring.

Lost and not knowing what to do, I drifted on taking classes that were required of me by my major and stumbled upon computer science. Stumbled upon it, with no inclination or desire to take it. I attribute this to God. I fell in love with the material, you could type stuff to make the computer do what you wanted it to. Incredible! I had no idea how much money there was to be made or what it would involve, but forged ahead anyway.

What ensued was 6.5 years total to graduate with my undergraduate degree, while working full-time as a software engineer. Some may say that this happened due to my own hard work and determination. I now know that this was God, looking back on how fortuitous everything was.

I had a very serious girlfriend that I thought I was going to marry in my late teens and early 20s. Her and I worked together at a Barbecue restaurant where I cooked and she was a server. I almost converted to Catholicism for her without knowing or caring at all about Jesus. We stayed together for just over a year until she went back to college and wanted to focus on her eventual career. I was devastated, feeling as if I lost the one thing that was keeping me afloat. I was freshly 21 and not able to keep it together. At that year's family Christmas party I blacked out.

A few months later, I met the woman who became my wife randomly at a college party. Neither of us wanted to go, and both of us almost backed out of it. We didn't even talk for almost a month after the party. She messaged me on a whim, being upset that her longtime on-and-off-again boyfriend had stood her up once more. We met for a date and have been together since. 9 years together, 4 years married.

Why is this Jesus-related? For several reasons.

  1. Her and I went back to the same college near our parents for our at the time partners. The relationships didn't work out for either of us. What an incredible coincidence.
  2. We got married and had children together.
  3. She was brought up in a non-Christian household, and she brought me back into the faith. She did this because she felt called to be a Christian and even though I had been raised in church I felt that I wasn't Christian anymore.

My wife, who was formerly atheist, convinced me to come back to Christianity. It was such a powerful and moving message.

Even now I can feel Christ call me to do more with my life. It was in the darkness this morning that I felt Him call to me to declare the Good News and spread his message. We are all loved by Him. I just hope that in business I can be even a fraction of His love. I hope that in my day-to-day software engineering that I can treat my craft with the respect of a highly treasured gift from a knowing and caring God. I hope that I can lean into the uncertainty that is the rest of my life, with the responsibility and stewardship over the incredible gift of life.